Perception On Live In Relationship

Live in relationships are a taboo in some cultures and quite common in others. For instance, it is considered culturally illegal and looked down upon in India while in the United States, it is even acceptable to have babies while the couple is living together. The perception, therefore, depends upon the person and culture, here are some advantages and disadvantages of live in for the couple-


Happy couple cooking together

  • You get to understand the lifestyle and living patterns of each other. It helps you realize whether the two of you are even compatible with each other’s rhythms.
  • If you are planning to get married, then a live-in relationship for a couple of months prior the ceremony can be very beneficial because it helps you figure out if you will be able to adjust with each other post-marriage.
  • The pressure of living with each other for a lifetime in a legally and culturally binding scenario can be avoided through live-in relationships.
  • Facing a break-up can be less messy than going through a divorce because so legal or familial regulations are involved.
  • Families and relatives are not involved as they are in marriages which is a big relief for both the partners.
  • There is no pressure to have babies and handle the responsibilities that a married couple are forced to do as members of the society.


  • In a country like India, the culture is such that it can be difficult to actually find a place to live together without getting married because majority of the societies consider it morally wrong and embarrassing.
  • Not just societal censure, older generation and your own family might not support you in your decision, especially that of the girls’.
  • Since live-in relationships are less binding and rigid than marriages, break-ups come more easily instead of proper reasoning and healthy arguments as one experiences in a marriage.
  • Money matters can be troubling because there can be confusions about how to handle bills and payments. In a marriage usually, it is not so difficult to manage such issues because everything becomes a family matter but when you live together money can be a sensitive issue.
  • Lack of space can be suffocating for the couple because suddenly one might feel that they cannot live life on their terms and there are many adjustments to make in your lifestyle.

Indian couple living together

Live in relationships or cohabitation is basically a mutual agreement between two people, any two people who decide to simply live together without getting married. For some couples it is a step taken prior to getting married and some do it explore if they are compatible for each other. If they are not, then without any deep guilt or process such as that of divorce, they can separate mutually.

I believe that live-in is a great way to avoid mental torture that a family goes through because of divorce, lessen the possibility of domestic torture, give required freedom to the woman, and one can be free of social obligations as well. Divorce rates are surely likely to reduce with an increase in live-ins. The only thing that is not entirely in our control is the society’s approval for the same. But hopefully, with the progressive generations and increasing modernistic views, cultures can become more open-minded in the coming years.

An equal relationship will lead to an equal marriage as well. The unfair distribution and treatment that a woman goes through after getting married can come as a shock or psychological torture for her. A live-in can help her see how her world is going to be in the future. Are you even compatible for this change? Are you comfortable with physical intimacy? Are you comfortable with each other’s habits? And more such questions can be answered by this ‘experiment’ as some couples call it.

Very often men believe that living together takes the romance and excitement out of relationships. However, there are efforts that can be taken to tackle this, know more about it.

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