Relationship – Handle With Care!

We all are aware of the ups and downs a relationship goes through. It is something you must indeed handle with care. Every couple has its own problems to deal with. Here are some of the areas that one can work on together.

Individual Growth

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A couple spends a lot of time together and sometimes there is no space left for individual growth. It is very important to not see the world revolving around love only, focus on all other aspects of your life because for your own self-respect it is essential to help your significant other grow and at the same time follow your dreams.

Repetitive Fights

It is common for couples to keep fighting about the same issues over and over again as if you are in a loop. This happens because of unsolved conflicts and avoidance of healthy arguments between the couple. So always make sure you resolve your fights at that very moment instead of prolonging or sidelining them.

The Future

It is very common to get into a relationship without being certain about what the other person desires in their future. So, try to discuss your plans way before you get too involved to avoid any confusions or disappointment in the coming years. Majority of the break-ups happen because of differing stands on love and the future of the relationship.

Money Matters

Couple planning each other for their future

Money can be a sensitive matter for couples. One might be overspending and the other worried about a secure future. In such cases, the couple should discuss their problems with an analyst who can suggest the right balance of money usage and division of bills and payments. The woman should especially make sure that before she gets serious she has assets and finances of her own for her own security.

The ‘Others’

It can be difficult for you to adjust and get along with your partner’s family and friends. In such circumstances the couple should at least pretend to like each other’s friend circles however when it comes to the family, ensure that you can get along well because if you get married, their acceptance becomes extremely essential for the both of you.


It can often be suffocating for either both or one of you to be in a relationship. So try not to suffocate each other and instead try to adjust with each other’s problems and issues while giving adequate independence to live the life as they prefer. Too much battering can overwhelm anyone.

Every couple has their own problems to deal with, the above-listed issues might not be on your plate, but it is important to understand that relationships in general can be tricky. Many of these have evolved because of a new trend called live in relationships that can impact a couple’s life significantly. Read more about the current perception of live-in relationships

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