/  Is Marriage The Ultimate Goal?

Is Marriage The Ultimate Goal?

Most families encourage their daughters to believe that getting married is their ultimate goal in life and therefore girls are seen to actively dream about having the perfect fairy-tale like wedding since their childhood. But is it really that significant in a woman’s life? Isn’t there more to one’s life than being with a man and serving him as the society asks women to do?

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Actually, it is not. There are different kinds of women and each has her own concerns about marriage. While you might actually love the idea of getting married, your own sister might hate it and prefer being solitary instead. According to statistics, women more than men are unhappy in a relationship and ask for a divorce. This shows that the majority of the females are unsatisfied, and their expectations remain unfulfilled.

The reality also is that marriage benefits males more than females by giving them an opportunity to exert their power over women.

Married men are much more satisfied than single men, and in comparison, married women are much less happy than the single woman.This clearly proves the fact that the previously mentioned conditioning women go through is completely false. It is more difficult for a female to step out of a marriage.In fact, owing to the developments in recent years, live in relationships are much more beneficial for women because they get an opportunity to see their future before getting into marriage, if that is something they genuinely wish to do.

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Marriage is most certainly not the sole purpose of one’s life. You should mature and learn over the years if that is the decision you want to make considering all the pros and cons of a being in a particular relationship. You have the free will with respect to making such important decisions of your life. Every female should be able to have alternative ultimate goals about their careers, success, and possessions. Relationships and marriage should be a choice, not a necessity.Get to know more about a woman’s practical approach to love right here.