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 Provide a platform for you to understand the psychology and misconceptions that underlie a girl’s conditioning.

Hello, I am from France and created this blog for the woman. The website is dedicated to a series of articles talking mostly about romance, relationships, and intimacy between couples and how effectively do women approach these aspects of their life keeping their society and values in mind.

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Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

We all know that marriage takes work to sustain

Keep The Romance Alive

Keep The Romance Alive

As the couple matures their relationship is likely to lose out on romance because you stop trying and physical advances become less as well. So, take small efforts to look good, plan dates, and take classes together, etc.

Share Responsibilities

Happy couple cooking together

Always share the household responsibilities and don’t let the entire burden fall on you. Doing chores together actually helps with the romance as well and you get quality time together at least once in a day.

Quote of the Day

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin

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Focus on the ladies’ perspective on love, live-in relationships, marriage, and aspects of their personal lives that affect their love life.

Five Tips For A Woman To Keep Romance Alive

It is common for couples to lose the romance factor as their relationship matures with time. The pressures of managing household chores and responsibilities can easily take over their married life. Even though there may be many reasons why this happens, let us look at some of the ways you can keep the love alive! Fine Dine The key to changing just eating food to fine dining is creating a lovely environment around the dining area. Lighting candles, sharing cutlery, romantic music in the background, […]

Perception On Live In Relationship

Live in relationships are a taboo in some cultures and quite common in others. For instance, it is considered culturally illegal and looked down upon in India while in the United States, it is even acceptable to have babies while the couple is living together. The perception, therefore, depends upon the person and culture, here are some advantages and disadvantages of live in for the couple- Advantages You get to understand the lifestyle and living patterns of each other. It helps you realize whether the […]

Relationship – Handle With Care!

We all are aware of the ups and downs a relationship goes through. It is something you must indeed handle with care. Every couple has its own problems to deal with. Here are some of the areas that one can work on together. Individual Growth A couple spends a lot of time together and sometimes there is no space left for individual growth. It is very important to not see the world revolving around love only, focus on all other aspects of your life because […]

 Woman’s Approach Towards Love

Difference between how a normal woman and a practical woman approach love and relationships.

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