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 Provide a platform for you to understand the psychology and misconceptions that underlie a girl’s conditioning.

Hello, I am from France and created this blog for the woman. The website is dedicated to a series of articles talking mostly about romance, relationships, and intimacy between couples and how effectively do women approach these aspects of their life keeping their society and values in mind.

Detention Girls Videos

Detention Girls is something I never thought I would promote here. After all it’s XXX website. But let’s be honest girls – we are kind of deserving this. This series presents an interesting approach to giving us a lesson of manners. And good behavior. I personally liked it and so should you.


LilHumpers is a generation of young guys who have their sexual needs. And they are not afraid to step into unknown by being featured in a scene with world’s most popular MILF. That’s right – the sexual battle between generations of performers… something I would NOT expect, yet I love it!

Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

We all know that marriage takes work to sustain

Keep The Romance Alive

Keep The Romance Alive

As the couple matures their relationship is likely to lose out on romance because you stop trying and physical advances become less as well. So, take small efforts to look good, plan dates, and take classes together, etc.

Share Responsibilities

Happy couple cooking together

Always share the household responsibilities and don’t let the entire burden fall on you. Doing chores together actually helps with the romance as well and you get quality time together at least once in a day.

Quote of the Day

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin

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Focus on the ladies’ perspective on love, live-in relationships, marriage, and aspects of their personal lives that affect their love life.

 Woman’s Approach Towards Love

Difference between how a normal woman and a practical woman approach love and relationships.

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