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About Me

Hello, I am from France and created this blog for the woman. The website is dedicated to a series of articles talking mostly about romance, relationships, and intimacy between couples and how effectively do women approach these aspects of their life keeping their society and values in mind. I also focus on the ladies’ perspective on love, live-in relationships, marriage, and aspects of their personal lives that affect their love life.

Some additional topics covered in my blog are the female perception on qualities expected in a male partner, secrets of a successful marriage, the practical approach on love, perception on cohabitation by societies like India or United States, and the debated importance of actually getting married or the perception that getting married is the ultimate goal for women. These ideas are subjective and controversial in nature but still very relevant to a woman’s personal life and love life.

The reason why I choose to write about these topics is that it is generally a mans’ point of view that is revealed and talked about without considering that of the woman. So it is important if female bloggers like me can take this up and create a blog by a woman for woman. I desired also to provide a platform for you to understand the psychology and misconceptions that underlie a girl’s conditioning.

There have been researches that have proved that when women read personal blogs about what they have been going through and experiencing in their personal lives, they can connect and get an opportunity for catharsis. It is very important for all women to be fully aware of the ongoing woman’s issues. I aim to provide an opportunity to the readers for the same reasons. Through this blog, I, therefore, wish for women all around the world to comment and express their deepest thoughts without having second thoughts about it. Feel absolutely free to contact me if you wish to connect!