/  2018

Every woman dreams of having a perfect husband, one who fulfills all pointers in her bucket list. So, what are these qualities that she has listed down? Good looks, charming, caring, etc. are only the external ones, there are some inherent qualities that a woman looks for in her to be husband. He Loves You For ‘You’ We know how some men try to change their girlfriend or fiance’s personality or behavioral aspects. But what a lady really wants is for her partner to appreciate her for

We all know that marriage takes work to sustain. Dissatisfaction and fights are very commonly experienced by couples however perfect they might be together. So, it would not be entirely wrong if a couple has some secret ingredients to better their recipes! Here are some secrets of a successful marriage: Give Space It is very important to have sufficient ‘me time’ for yourself. Too much of each other can take the fun out of a relationship. So, when you feel you need some space, some distance, make